“DhabiCoin signed a contract with one of the strongest exchanges in the world cryptocurrency market. CoinBene is the Chinese giant that is in the top 8 in global commercial value according to the CoinMarketCap certified ranking. With more than 5 million users around the world, Coinbene has offices in 10 countries, including the United States, China, Brazil, England, Japan and Russia.”

“Therefore, the investor who acquires DhabiCoin still in its ICO phase will be able to obtain large profits through arbitration on the occasion of its launch in January 2022.

What will make their gains possible are the great benefits offered by DBC to its investors: listing in up to 5 exchanges before launch, plus listing on Pancake Swap.”

“Today, knowing your financial operator is very important in obtaining good results. DhabiCoin has a solid knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and is already present in over 35 countries, among them the ten leading countries in the crypto market in the world. In addition, it already has a large volume of investors and achieved incredible achievements in its first ICO phase.

One of the main safeguards we offered investors was having signed listing contracts on two well-known exchanges, Latoken and HotBit (brokers). Finally, you are sure that DBC will be launched and you can still count on the experience of DhabiCoin as a mediator in this process of buying and selling assets and profiting a lot from your financial operations.”

The fact that it is already pre-listed in three exchanges itself is a good achievment in such A short time.

Additionally, it is added to a secure environment, trusted team, and transparency of the Dhabicoin project.

This made the crypto-active market choose the DBC token as one of the main bets for the next year.

“It has reached more than 32 countries on five continents, which demonstrates the capillarity power of DhabiCoin and the confidence of the cryptocurrency market. Just to give you an idea, DBC is in all 10 leading countries in the active crypto market, except Peru. It will certainly reach this country in the second pre-sales phase (ICO).”

One is good! Two is a good job! But three? No one could expect this… DhabiCoin managed to be listed by third exchange before its official launching date!!! This is something never seen in the cryptocurrency market!
DBC was already creating a new standard in the market, but now we are making a new history!

Dhabi Coin has signed the contract with the Exchange HOTBIT, the leading Cryptocurrency trading platform!

- A high volume of cryptocurrencies negociated daily

- User experience

- High Liquidity

- Safe and Stable

Dhabi Coin announces HOTBIT contract.

In less than 60 days DhabiCoin (DBC) secures one more contract with the second exchange to its launch. Only few cryptos in the market reached this milestone and this is one of the main reasons what makes the DBC the greatest cryptocurrency launched in the last years. DhabiCoin comes to transform the future os cryptos as we know now a days, be ready and become a DBC investor now.

The Token Dhabi Coin (DBC) with contract at Exchange LATOKEN will have the following currency pairs:

Dhabi Coin Token

- Dhabi Coin comes with an ICO action plan never seen in the cryptocurrency market💎 — Headquartered in Dubai🇦🇪 — Innovative proposal for inventores📊📈📉

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